17-04-2010: Domen Kozar v0.3.6

  • added strip_prefix parameter to minwebhelpers.base_link()

28-09-2009: Domen Kozar v0.3.5

  • added timestamp parameter [thanks to bobf]

10-06-2009: Domen Kozar v0.3.4

  • finally refactored custom cssutils serializer, threw out some stuff and fixed bugs.

10-06-2009: Domen Kozar v0.3.3

  • fix compatibility with Windows platform (os.path)

09-06-2009: Domen Kozar v0.3.2

  • added combined_filename parameter
  • fixed a bug when two paths were similar and resulted in IOError

22-05-2009: Domen Kozar v0.3.1

  • updated documentation
  • added beaker_kwargs option to both function that overrides default caching behaviour
  • fixed a bug when paths were not joined correctly
  • written unittests

04-05-2009: Domen Kozar v0.3.0

  • fixed a bug when sources were not invalidated (in cache) on startup
  • complete refactoring

16-04-2009: Domen Kozar v0.2.1

  • replaced deprecated rails functions with new webhelpers.html package
  • added invalidate_on_startup=True argument to beaker.cache

02-02-2007: Pedro Algarvio v0.2.0

  • Included the fix implemented on [110], wasn’t included on trunk.
  • Skip minification/combination when requesting builtin javascripts.